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With its integrated teams of experienced local licensed Architects, Interior Designer, Engineers, Green Design Consultants, Builders, and Project Managers, Anura Design provides a full range of services, from a simple Code check to understand the rule that govern how addition and new home can be designed, all the way to assisting you with processing your permit application with the City, and everything in between.

Interior remodel

Remodeling can improve the spatial flow within the home, provide better connection to the exterior, make better use of existing space, or add modern amenities. Remodels are often be handled by your Architect. Sometimes working with an Interior Designer can be helpful. 

Although many projects may not require the services of a Structural Engineer, consulting with an Engineer during the design process can save time and money especially when the goal is to create an open floor plan or to add or more windows and doors.

ADU/guest house

ADU, JADU, and Guest Houses can provide space for extended family members or visiting guests. They can be a source of rental income or be used as a home office. They can be attached, detached, or converted from existing space. Or perhaps you have an existing unit that needs to be brought into code compliance. 

These units vary in size, height, style, and price. Should you buy a plan online? Perhaps you are considering a prefab structure. Most plans available online do not meet plan submittal requirements for most jurisdictions. Even prefab structures need an installation submittal. 

It can be difficult to understand what is feasible, what is required, or what it should cost. Our approach is that the proposed design should meet your needs. We treat each project as a home for someone and we design them with the same level of attention and care as any home.


Enlarging an existing house is often the most practical, cost effective, and efficient way to gain additional living space, extra bedrooms, or modern amenities. There are often multiple possibilities to consider – from a simple one-story addition to a more complicated second story or basement addition. Our design team works with you as you determine which is best for you.

There is often a significant cost difference between the different options and local regulations might simply make it impossible or impractical to do what you had first thought. We start by making sure that what you would like is indeed possible and feasible.

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