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Who we are

anura design provides complete Architectural Design, Planning, and Engineering Services.

Our Focus is residential–remodels, home additions, and new construction for ADUs, single family homes, or multifamily projects.

Our Passion is to provide a creative yet practical solution for your project.

Our Commitment is to design excellence, environmental leadership, budgetary responsibility, and on-time delivery.

Our Vision is a team of local Architects, Engineers, and Contractors utilize our delivery process to share ideas, design solutions, and knowledge with our clients and the communities we serve.

Our Goal is to make quality design available to everyone.

Our Promise is to listen, so you never feel it is too late to revisit an idea, ask a question, or change your mind.

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how we work

From the initial meeting until completion of construction, a Project Concierge is your primary point of contact. Your Project Concierge is available to answer questions, provide explanations, keep you updated on project progress, and offer both technical and moral support.

why work with us

Our process has been tested and fine-tuned over many years and is proven to work.  With over 2,500 projects, happy Clients have helped our business grow through word-of-mouth. Whether you are a first-time homeowner, a contractor, or a seasoned developer, we are ready, willing, and capable to complete your project.

With our 7 step delivery process, you always have the information you need at the right time so you can make informed choices. It helps you better understand the complex and expensive nature of residential construction.  By helping you make better decisions early in the process, we avoid delays and unexpected increases in the cost of construction.

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plan a renovation? an addition? new construction?

Our integrated team of experienced local Architects, Interior Designer, Engineers, Green Design Consultants, Builders, Project Managers, and Project Concierge provide a full range of services for projects from small interior remodels and additions to new construction for single family homes of any size. We also work on small to medium scale multi-family projects.

one point of contact


From the initial meeting until completion of construction, a Project Concierge is your primary point of contact every step of the way. Your Project Concierge is available to answer questions, provide explanations, keep you updated on project progress, and offer both technical and moral support.

Your Project Concierge helps you navigate the complex, and often confusing, process of turning your idea into reality. They also remind you of what is needed from you at each step and help you when dealing with the Planning and Building Department.

simplified project management

cloud-based project delivery system

Our cloud-based project delivery system which allows all parties involved to communicate efficiently.

First, we will assess with you at the beginning of your project which permitting path will be required, and what timeline you should expect to secure your permit.

Then, your Concierge Project Manager will be there to assist you in each phase of your project and will remind you of the millstone to be achieved on the way to get your permit.


for a job well done!

This can be a lot to take in, so we developed our streamlined 7 STEP design and project management process to eliminate confusion and delays.  It helps keep the focus on your project while saving time and money on project delivery – allowing us to pass the savings on to you.


Initial meeting

If you are ready to start or if you just want more information, let’s schedule an initial meeting. This virtual initial meeting is free and typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. It’s gives you a chance to get to know us and gives us a chance to get to know you and your project.



Your Architect and/or Project Concierge work with you to define and understand your goals, concerns, and budget as well as the regulations, limitations, and feasibility of available options. We explain what is required, when and why it will be needed, and the process and timeline you should expect.



At this step, your design team, led by your Architect, puts the puzzle together. Everything is reviewed with you and revised until it meets your approval. Your project team presents options and recommendations, and your Project Concierge ensures you have the information you need  to keep the project moving forward.



Once the look of the project is finalized, it’s time to define the how the project will be constructed. While the Construction Documents are being prepared by the Architecture team, the Engineering team work out the technical aspects of the project.



In the long run, the cost of energy consumption of most buildings outweighs the initial construction cost. We ensure your project is not just compliant with current energy regulations but that it is as energy efficient and cost effective.



Your project has reached a major milestone and you are ready to apply for a building permit. The plan review process can be the most frustrating step of any project and sometimes the longest. Your Project Concierge will keep you informed of the status. 



Finally, the time has come to turn all the effort into reality. Your Project Concierge continues to be available to provide information, answer questions, assist with decisions, and to coordinate with your contractor. We’re not finished until your project is finished.

a fine-tuned process that eliminates stress & confusion

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