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Welcome to Anura Design and thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Anura Design was created in response to the growing need for a single source of reliable and affordable design professionals who together, can consistently deliver high quality design for home remodels, additions, new homes, accessory dwelling units, as well as multi-family residential projects. To do so, Anura Design provides full professional services from initial consultation to final design, engineering, permitting, inspections during construction and makes it all available in one place.

We believe good design will enrich the lives of people who experience it and should be available to everyone. So, whether you are a first-time homeowner, a seasoned developer, or a contractor, Anura Design is committed to giving your project the professional attention it deserves.

We realized that many homeowners were wrongfully led to believe that residential projects can be “drafted” by just about anyone from anywhere. Unfortunately, this is more than often not the case and we believe architecture is done best when done by local architects. We will always meet with you at your property when working for you. Not only is it always beneficial, but it is also our standard practice.

At Anura Design, we understand that projects can often be intimidating and quite stressful for the homeowner, so on any given project small or big, we will start assisting you before any line is drawn and will continue until construction is finished.

We have always had a passion for residential architecture and look forward to meeting you and getting started.



Anura is committed to green design because thinking about the future and acting responsibly for the next generation matters. Together we can contribute to a better tomorrow.

At Anura Design you will always find Green Design Professionals affiliated with the US Green Building Council or the Built it Green construction if needed for your project.

Ask us how we can better improve the quality of your home while reducing its carbon footprint.

school donation program

As members of the communities we serve, we are committed to supporting the local schools through our School Donation Program.  We will donate $2,000 to the school or PTA organization of your choice located in California.  You don’t even need to be a parent of a student, a teacher, or an Anura Design client; just select a K-12 program and we will make the donation in your name.

The first half will be donated as a $1,000 credit for Design Services which is to be auctioned during a fundraiser organized by the school or PTA organization. The second half will be a $1,000 cash donation to the school or PTA organization after Anura Design begins working with the successful bidder.

All we ask from you is that you coordinate the communication with the school or PTA organization you choose.

giving back

To recognize those who have dedicated themselves to serving their community, Anura design wants to give them a break. To thank them for their dedication, we offer a 10% discount to teachers, first responders and healthcare workers.

We also recognize those who serve our country. To thank them for their commitment, we offer a 10% discount to Veterans and active-duty military personnel.

Let us know during our Initial Meeting – just our small way of saying “thanks”.

Meet the team

Once you have signed a contract and started working with us, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Concierge who will help you navigate the intricacy of the design and construction marketplace.

Your Project Concierge will be your main point of contact throughout the design of your project and will always be available to you for answers, explanations, support, and updates regarding your project’s progress.

Your Project Concierge will introduce you to your design team members as needed for your project and in time for you to understand what their roles are and how to work with them. They will also remind you of what is needed from you at each step of the process and help you while dealing with the Planning and Building Department.

We hope that being in good hands will help you relax, and better focus on what matters for you while your project is being designed and later built.

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